My Two Cents

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Share your perspective with us! Think of a concept that can be represented by a diagram — it doesn’t have to be original — just something meaningful to you that other people might find interesting. (To get you started, we have provided a few examples below.) Then, submit your drawing along with a brief description of what it represents and why it’s cool. In the process, you’ll get a chance to play around with our app! In a few weeks, we’re going to compile a bunch of submissions into a big cloud of drawings and post it online so you can see how different people think about the world around them.

Sample 1

John Stogin

Evanston, IL

Einstein’s Vacuum Equation — the underlying equation for Einstein’s remarkable theory of General Relativity. It describes empty space as having a special geometric structure that lays the foundation for black holes and gravitational radiation.

Sample 2

Seung Jae Lee

Seoul, Korea

Alpha-beta Pruning — the algorithm used in chess engines to drastically reduce number of evaluations of board positions. This is a meaningful algorithm to me since my first project was a chess engine in C++, and I was surprised by how effective it is.