Draw naturally... with what you already have

Nobody likes to solve a problem while drawing with a mouse. All you need is a webcam, a pen, and some paper. You can scan your drawings and have the ink processed onto the board. If you have a writing tablet, even better! You can draw on a portion of the board while your computer screen shows the bigger picture.

Develop and organize your ideas on a board

A board is an infinite virtual space for ideas. See the big picture in fullscreen mode. Use your laptop's standard trackpad gestures to pan and zoom with ease. Draw anywhere. Quickly duplicate, move, and resize your annotations. Add blank pages and upload PDF documents for annotation. Print or save your annotated pages as a PDF document.

Discuss your work with others

Save, share, and edit your boards with multiple collaborators simultaneously. If you're not in the same place, you can leave a webcam video in the corner. Or if you want a crystal-clear connection, just stream audio.

Coming soon!

Don't forget to request an invitation to join our beta program. We are busy preparing our product and would love to have you try it out when it is ready.